Bag on Track

The current experience of baggage claiming in airports is uncomfortable and inefficient.
The end product of this project is a download-free service (can be accessed either by phone or kiosks) which can improve the baggage claiming experience by increasing the transparency of information in a user-friendly way, thereby reducing the psychological and physical discomfort of passengers in the process and improving efficiency.






How might we improve the transparency of information for the baggage service for users to reduce the psychological and physical discomfort while fetching their baggages?

Key Functions

No more pain after arrival

Track them by their "IDs"

Passenger can check-in with either scanning bag receipt or entering personal information. After that, there will be instruction page guiding user how to use the tracking functions.

You know where they are, each of them!

Passengers can use tracking functions to track the overall baggage status of the flight, and can check the exact arriving time of each bag when bags are on the conveyor belt to the carousel.

No more gathering around carousel~

Passengers can use map function to calculate walking time from where they are to the service points, so that they wouldn't have to wait at the carousel and can also use the help page to reach out to airport staffs for help if needed.


Ready for depature


How we track the goal for the project